F R E Q U E N T L Y   A S K E D   Q U E S T I O N S

Q » How much do you charge for your programs?

A »I do not have a set fee for my performances and workshops. I have a range of fees depending on how far I need to travel, the number of performances or workshops I will do at the same site on the same day, the size of my audience and your budget. Contact me and we can discuss the specific needs of your program. 

Q » Do you travel out of Los Angeles?

A » Yes! If you pay for me to travel and my lodging and food I will be there!

Q » Do you have your own sound system?

A » No, I do not own a sound system. I will depend on you for my sound needs. I definitely need a good sound system for outdoor performances and large indoor spaces. A hand held or clip on mic works great. I can bring my own mic and stand.


Q » Do you have products for sale?

A » Yes! I can set up a table at the back of the room with my two CD's or if you sell my products I will give you a cut of my profits.


Q » Can you create an original story for my dads 70th birthday party?

A » Yes! I have created many original stories about people and places. All of my programs are customized for your occasion. I charge extra for an original story as I will have to gather information. Let’s talk!


Q » Do I need to pay you a deposit for your services?

A » No. I trust that you will pay me. I would like for you to email me a letter of confirmation which states all the information we spoke about in writing. If you prefer, I can also send you an email of confirmations. 


Q » We have a non-profit organization and therefore have no money to pay you. Could you come for free? 

A » I donate a few performances per year. Ask me and I may say yes!


Q » Can you tell my favorite story “The Big Brown Bear?

A » I generally tell only stories of my choosing but if I like the story I may tell it. Ask me!


Q » Can you tell stories for an entire audience of dogs?

A » Yes, I have actually done this . . . but I prefer telling stories to audiences that understand a bit more English than “come” and “sit.”


Q » Can you tell stories at my dinner table and lead a story discussion? We are having a dinner party and I would love to have a bit more lively conversation for my guests.

A » Yes! I have told stories at many dinner parties and I can even lead your Passover Seder. Shabbat dinner, or officiate your wedding!.