“You are the greatest storyteller. Wow! I didn't care if we missed some of our lunch. Please come again!”

—5th grader, Vista San Gabriel School


“You are an extremely talented and engaging storyteller. It was great to see how closely involved the children were with the stories…and so were the adults.”
—MaryAnn Bonino, Director,
The Da Camera Society


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P E R F O R M A N C E S   F O R   K I D S

    •  Performed in schools, libraries, museums, at home, or under trees in a park.

    •  All school programs can be tailored to grade appropriate common core standard learning objectives.

School Assembly Programs (45 minutes—one hour)

Story Journeys: An interactive storytelling performance in which students become fully involved in the ancient art of oral storytelling. In this high-tech world, low-tech master storyteller Karen Golden weaves a variety of yarns from folklore traditions around the world, her own life, the lives of historic personalities and from her rich imagination.

    •  Karen invites listeners to sing, clap make sound effects and tap along.

    •  Bodies become trees and paper becomes boats.

    •  Music highlights her story journeys played on saxophone, accordion, ocarina recorder and nose flute.

    •  Students experience the richness of language, strengthening their listening, visualization, vocabulary acquisition and comprehension skills.

    •  Students are inspired to create their own stories and explore the library for other versions of stories shared.

    •  Storytelling is a partner with literacy and Story Journeys makes learning fun!

Themes include:

 A Walk Around The World in Stories and Shoes—Whose Shoes Are These?

  • Complete with twenty colorful pairs of shoes. Learn about life in other places and geography through folktales about people from near and far. (preK-6)

Creative Story Vacations Without Leaving Your Seat

  • Travel Around the World through World Folktales.

Butterfly Stories From Near And Far

  • Flutter on paper wings trough world folktales about butterflies and learn about the mother of metamorphosis painter/naturalist Maria Sybilla Merian.

Tales Of Women: Witty and Wise

  • Explore the true stories of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and other influential women who have given voice to their own story journeys. Visit women from long ago and far away through folk and fairy tales.  

Animal Tales From Here, There And Everywhere 

  • Karen shares a variety of animal stories, and artifacts (including a twenty-foot snake skin and a humming bird nest).

A Harvest of Tales—Stories of Farming, Gardening and Flower Power

  • Karen shares a harvest of tales from her own life and the world of folklore. Discover an African creation myth that comes from the seeds of a giant pumpkin, find the devil in Karen’s childhood backyard and learn how the heart of the city of Jerusalem came from the love of two brothers who were farmers. This program will plant the seeds in your own imagination while teaching practical information about composting, the anatomy of flowers and the power of plants to heal. (all ages)

Holiday Programs

  • Tales of Thanksgiving.
  • Tales To Warm Your Holiday Heart, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa.
  • Valentines Day: Tales From The Heart.
  • Jewish Stories From Up Your Street and Around The World.

Commissioned Works:  An original story for your special occasion. Karen has created original works for cities, museums and about numerous individuals including Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations.