In 2014 Karen was the recipient of a grant through the National Storytelling Association to facilitate an integrative project for students with varying communicative abilities. Click the picture to see a short film about this project called “My Story, My Voice.”

“Karen’s positive energy spilled over into my classroom. The kids loved their time with Karen, and I always felt we were blessed with our time with her. Each week she slowly reeled in the kids attention until you could hear a pin drop in the room!”

—Ann Fredal, 4th Grade Teacher, Farragut Elementary School

“You were not boring, you gave us some parts to play in the stories and they were really funny. I liked all the instruments that you played.”

—Leo, 3rd grader

T E A C H I N G   F O R   K I D S  (in school)

    •  Ignite student’s skills in public speaking while increasing their abilities to be good listeners.

    •  From one session to many, Karen will tailor her program to meet your common core standard learning objectives.

Story Alive Teaching Artist Residencies (grades K-8)

  • Residencies can range from one week to many and adhere to the core teaching standards and performing arts (theater) standards for each grade level. All residencies teach students the fundamentals of storytelling and story listening and are highly interactive. In each class students participate in the art of storytelling and story listening through fun and engaging exercises.
  • Story Alive inspires students to be excited about the art of storytelling. Information found in a story is retained and learning becomes fun. Even history! Each week students hear stories which highlight the common core learning objectives, history-social science and science standards. Stories come from folklore and true experiences and students experience the process of becoming storytellers themselves. Karen’s storytelling style is interactive with singing, movement and music. Students learn the seven essentials of a good story and the BEST presentation skills which can be applied to all forms of public speaking.  
  • The goals and objectives of this residency have been met if students participate in story games and exercises, help to evaluate their classmates storytelling progress, complete homework assignments which include interviewing parents for stories, and prepare to tell a story for the final concert. This residency focuses on process rather than product. Assessment tools are tailored to meet the needs of each school. The program begins with Karen meeting with the teacher to establish what subjects the stories will cover. The teacher is also given a teacher guide with further information about the art of storytelling. They are encouraged to continue the storytelling process between visits. Karen is also available to meet with teachers to help them develop ways of using storytelling to teach curriculum in other core learning subjects including, language arts, history, social-science, and science.


Arts For All Teaching Artist Residencies

Your school may qualify for a matching grant if it is in Los Angeles County. Go to Arts for All for more information.

Workshops for Students with Special Needs

  • School residencies for students with special needs, especially for students with autism and non-verbal communicative disorders who communicate through facilitated communication. Karen uses story games and classroom activities to make the storytelling process accessible to all students. 

Teacher Trainings

Tales as Tools: Using Stories to Teach and Inspire Students of All Ages

  • Karen teaches classes and in-services for teachers in schools and for credit points at universities and educational institutions.
  • Ask Karen about special residency packages which include a student assembly and teacher training!


Other Opportunities for Kids to Learn through Storytelling

Exploring Personal Stories

  • Learn how to transform memories into stories which teach and inspire. For all ages.

Spice Up Your Storytelling Skills

  • From preparation to performance. In this workshop participants will learn  where to find folk, literary, original and personal stories and adapt them to an  individual style. For educators, parents, children and storytelling enthusiasts. Special workshops on stories from the Jewish tradition.

Storyslam for Teens

  • Find and shape your life experiences into well crafted stories and share them in a fun and safe space. Learn what makes a good story, how to calm your nerves and how to leave a lasting impression. Discover a treasury of stored memories you can use for endless creative endeavors. No experience necessary.