Karen’s coaching was instrumental in transforming my TEDx talk into an engaging presentation. She showed me how to use powerful props, emotional stories, and compelling PowerPoint to connect with the audience. In addition, by encouraging me to access and explore my own depths, Karen helped me bring authenticity to the stage. If you want to take your presentation skills higher, I strongly urge you to hire Karen Golden as your coach. She is a real pro.

—Dave Jensen, Leadership Coach and Author of “The Executive’s Paradox”

T E A C H I N G   F O R   A D U L T S


Exploring Personal Stories

  • Learn how to transform memories into stories which teach and inspire. For all ages.


Spice Up Your Storytelling Skills

  • From preparation to performance. In this workshop participants will learn where to find folk, literary, original and personal stories and adapt them to an  individual style.  
  • For educators, parents and storytelling enthusiasts. Special workshops available on stories from the Jewish tradition.


Beyond The Bedtime Story: Creating New Family Story Rituals

  • Target audience: Parents, grandparents, care givers.
  • In this hands-on workshop participants will explore new ways of tapping into the age old art of storytelling. Great for long car trips too!


Women as Storymakers

  • Explore the stories of our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters and other influential women who have given voice to our own story journeys. Discover our common stories that link us together as women. 
  • In this hands-on workshop, participants will have the opportunity to share stories in a safe environment. We will also explore what make a memorable story and how to improve our storytelling skills. 


The One Minute Wordshop

  • A public speaking workshop which applies storytelling skills to the business world by training participants on how to quickly leave a lasting impression when networking.

Private Coaching

  • Bring your public speaking and storytelling skills to the next level with individual coaching. Karen has worked with a wide range of individuals including clergy, business persons, authors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, actors, other storytellers and university professors. She has also coached performers developing one man and one women shows from concept to final product. Skype sessions are available!